The Permanent residence in Dominican Republic can be granted to you if you have remained in the country and have renewed your temporary residence for five continuous years. Also for those who are under the category of investors, rentiers or retirees.

To acquire this status, you must request the General Directorate of Migration of the Dominican Republic to grant you permission to become a permanent resident in the country.

You must first of all prepare a communication addressed to the director of migration. In the letter you must explain what links you have in the country and why you want to remain permanent.

Permanent residence in the Dominican Republic

The requirements to apply for permanent residence in Dominican Republic.

  • Request form to change the category from temporary to permanent
  • Certification of no criminal record, issued by the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic; with thirty (30) days of validity;
  • Present the valid temporary residence card;
  • Copy of the Identity Card, and present the original, which will be verified by the D.G.M. with the Central Electoral Board;
  • Medical examination performed by a doctor authorized by the D.G.M .
  • Four (4) recent 2 x 2 photos
  • Passport or travel document accepted as such, with eighteen (18) minimum months of validity
  • If you apply for Permanent Residence for spouse or partner, passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate or proof of cohabitation.
  • If you apply for Permanent Residence for dependent children and minors, passports, birth certificates, duly apostilled or legalized.
  • Economic solvency test; in case of being retired or pensioned , proof of the pension or income or bank deposits available.
  • The applicant will be summoned to appear at the D.G.M. to an interview before a Migration Officer.
  • Immigration guarantee policy

Once all these requirements have been presented to the General Directorate of Migration of the Dominican Republic, the purification process will begin. In the debugging process it will be verified that you have fulfilled all the requirements and do not have any problem of criminal character.

The General Directorate of Migration of the Dominican Republic, once the purification process has been carried out, grants applicants the permanent residence permit in the country.

If you obtain permanent residence in  Dominican Republic in the second year, you can apply for Dominican Nationality. This according to the naturalization law of the Dominican Republic, foreigners who have stayed for more than two years.

Renewal of Dominican permanent residence.

 According to the Dominican Republic immigration law, the renewal of permanent residence must be carried out as follows.

The Permanent Residence will be renewed within the first year, and the other renewals will be made for a term of four (4) years. For the renewal of the Permanent Residence, the foreign resident must deposit with the D.G.M., the following documents:

a) Renewal request form;

b) Present the current Residence Card and deposit a copy;

c) Present the Identity and Electoral Card

d) Certification of No criminal record, issued by issued no more than thirty (30) days prior to the request;

e) Exam performed by a doctor authorized by the D.G.M .;

f) Two (2) recent 2 x 2 front photographs, without jewelry or accessories and bare ears;

g) Passport copy with eighteen (18) minimum valid months.

Once you obtain the requirements, all must be presented on the web portal of the general direction of migration. In the portal they will verify that everything is fine and you do not lack requirements.

Once everything is verified an appointment will be made. At the appointment, all the physical documents will be presented, photos will be taken and the card will be issued and the identity card will be authorized. Once you obtain the card, you must contact the central board, the immigration department, for issuance of ID.

Permanent residence in Dominican Republic for investors.

  The Dominican Republic is a country that promotes foreign investment and accommodation for retirees so that they come to reside in the country. If you are a foreigner and you are retired and you receive a pension equivalent to US $ (1,500.00) you can apply for this category.

On the other hand we have investors who are those people interested in coming to invest capital in the Dominican Republic. This group of people is granted the permanent residence permit of the Dominican Republic after proving their status as an investor after proving their status as an investor.

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