nacionalidad dominicana por matrimonio
Dominican nationality can be acquired by marriage of a resident foreigner who is married to a Dominican. According to the naturalization law 1683 dated April 16, 1948, of the Dominican Republic. For this, people must meet the requirements to apply for Dominican naturalization by marriage. These are the requirements that you must present if you plan to apply for Dominican citizenship by marriage:

Requirements to opt for Dominican nationality by marriage.

  • Application form addressed to the Minister of the Interior and Police, by the wife requesting nationality by marriage in favor of her husband, signed by both spouses. Marriage certificate of the es, with a minimum validity of six (6) months, legalized by the Central Office of Civil Status.
  • Invoice from a newspaper with national circulation for the right to publish notice of Dominican nationality.
  • Certificate of NO judicial record from the Attorney General’s Office of the Dominican Republic, with a minimum validity of three (3) months.
  • Certification from the General Directorate of Migration stating that she has more than two years of temporary residence in the country.
  • Birth certificate (ORIGINAL) duly apostilled. With a minimum validity of six (6) months. . The record is in a language other than Spanish must have it translated by a judicial translator.
  • The interested party has obtained a nationality other than the one of origin must attach a summary history
  • Complete the naturalization application form, which must be completed in person before the Ministry of the Interior and Police of the Dominican Republic, this form where people must put their fingerprints for the purposes of the corresponding debugging.
Dominican naturalization by marriage must be requested before the Ministry of Interior and Police of the Dominican Republic. The ministry will evaluate and this institution will remit to the executive branch for the purpose of approving the application. After depositing the complete file, it will go through the state security agencies for the purpose of debugging the foreign citizen who intends to acquire Dominican nationality.

Benefits of Dominican naturalization by marriage.

If you are a foreigner and you acquire Dominican nationality by marriage, you will have all the rights of a citizen, such as:

  • Obtaining a Dominican passport
  • Do not pay Residence Renewal
  • You guarantee more your rights
  • Change of identity card to vote in the elections.
In addition, if they apply together with their minor children, they can opt for Dominican nationality at the same time as their parents. On the other hand, we do not need the annual renewal of the residence permit, Pay less tax, where the foreign person will have a substantial reduction in all activities of a commercial nature that they carry out in the country, acquire a Dominican passport to travel abroad Dominican naturalization by marriage of a foreigner with a Dominican citizen is optional for the executive branch. The Executive Power may by co= refrain from granting Dominican nationality to whoever it deems. If you need guidance in your consular or immigration process and need advice You can schedule an appointment or a video consultation with us, write to us or contact us. If you found it interesting, you can give us a like or share it. !!!Thank you!!! Phones: 809-263-2152 Cell phones: 829-901-7275